Having your own personal website may sound like something you couldn’t afford but in today’s world it is very affordable.  My domain name (intellisigsys.net) and this web site is hosted for the next two years for the total fee of just under $150.  This includes a free email address and registration with a Domain Name Server.

Do you have a lot of friends and relatives who enjoy seeing your photos of vacations and trips to far-away places?  Get a web site and put them up on it - arranged in any manner you wish.  Do you collect, and exchange, recipe’s?  Host them on a web site to interest others.

There are hundreds of reasons to create a web site.  Just think of how it can be done and what you would put on it.

Want a website?

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How I can help…

I have assisted quite a few people in creating their own web site.  You would have control of what text is presented, where pictures, animations, contact forms, or any other web-style content is placed - and on what pages.  You have final say-so on the developed web site before it even ‘goes public’.

My charges for site creation are very reasonable and structured for complete expandability should you wish to make your site larger.  Before any work is initiated, the complete cost is outlined in a proposal to which we both agree.  No hidden charges, and with only a percentage of the funding made ‘up front’ to purchase your domain name and hosting site.

I can even help with the upkeep of your site by setting up a maintenance contract; be it to sure your site remains running smoothly, to add more content, or simply assure it functions as it should.  Most hosting sites also offer email packages from a single address to enough for a small office.  I can assist in setting that up and making sure you have all that is necessary for your computer email client to access it.