You just installed some great new software.  You are eager to run it the first time.  You fire it up and are shown a screen that tells you your video card isn’t up to playing the game, editing that video, touching up your pictures, or the like.  Now what?

Perhaps you bought a new video card and installed it, only to find that your computer now runs slowly, won’t boot up properly, or shuts down by itself at odd times.  Did you remember to check the power supply requirements of the new card?

How about starting up several programs and being told you don’t have enough memory?  That would indicate at least upgrading your RAM compliment. Which brand and which specifications for the new memory do you use?

If you can do all this yourself, then you really don’t need me at all.  But…

Need to upgrade?

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How I can help…

I can assist you in making sure that any new hardware you wish to purchase and install will actually function properly in your computer; providing the details of increased power demands, larger disk drive, or other factors which help support your new purchase.

It could very well be that after calculating what you would need to upgrade your computer, it would be cheaper to retire it and purchase a new one.  There are many uses for a ‘retired’ computer and, using a device as simple as a KVM (Keyboard, Video, Monitor) switch you can control both of them with one keyboard, one mouse, and one video monitor.  I can help with that also. In fact, I use a 4-port KVM switch and control four computers from one position.

Most of the advice I can provide in this area can be settled in just a couple of hours in personal consultation.