Everyone loves new software

Whether it arrives on Christmas day or you finally decide to download the program you have wanted for a long time, you are now ready to sit down in front of your computer and install it. Virtually any new software will come with instructions on how to install it. Some instructions are simple and easy to follow - others are not quite that easy. A lot of software will, if you are not vigilant in actually reading the license or watching the screen closely, will install items that you will not want. Often, options and the like are hidden in the text presented to you and, if you do not 'uncheck' them, you get a toolbar on your browser or an unwanted feature you do not desire. I can help with this by providing a second pair of eyes or expert advice on just how to proceed.

Some software requires that the installer be a system administrator. In the home, most users are also their own administrators, but what if you aren't? In the installation setup there may be a bewildering array of questions asked of you that you do not know the answers to, or are unsure of how to answer. Having a professional at hand is one way to ease the nervousness of a new install. It could also be that the new software you are about to install will conflict with existing software. What then? The install process may present you with an error or a request for more information. Can you give the correct response?

What I can help with...

I can help with the installation of new software in many ways. Primarily, I would be there to ask questions of; be a sounding board. Some software is easy to install while others are more difficult.  In some instances, your computer may meet the “outside the box” requirements, but may require video or other hardware adjustments once installed.

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