You have a computer already.  It works well but there are a few things that you want to do, but the specifications on the software show that your system just doesn’t have enough RAM, video power, processor speed, or other reason it isn’t up to the task.

It may be time for a new computer.

Now you are faced with a daunting barrage of advertising and each computer ad has at least one or two computers that may work well.  But, stop a moment.  Should you just get a faster, more efficient, machine or will you actually need all that horsepower (and expense) for what you want to do?

New Computer?

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The scenario:

How I can help…

For the most part, I can give you good advice on the merits of a given computer’s specifications. Depending on what you intend to do with the new computer, I can make recommendations on what else you may need to purchase to complete the configuration.

A very good ‘for instance’ is to start thinking about a backup power source (Uninterruptible Power Supply with a built-in surge protector) and a means of backing up your data files to an external source (USB disk drive).  Or, if you intend on creating or editing large video files a much larger internal disk drive than normally comes with a new computer.