You’ve finally decided to get another computer. Maybe one for the new student in your family or perhaps just to add one in a game or family room to keep track of your DVD collection.  Now you are faced with just how to connect more than one computer to your household modem. There is a bewildering set of choices to select from:

So, what to do?

Home Networks

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The problem:

The solution:

Let me help.  Every network installation is different.  Some are simple - two computers can share a cable modem through a router.  If the router also has wireless capability, then a visitor can come to your house and connect without the hassle of locating another cable.  Others are more complex - like finding that you can’t quite relax on the back deck with your laptop and read email.  This might show a need for an access point closer than your router.  No problem.

I can give you an expert analysis of the best way to connect your household along with possible methods for accomplishing this.