What you should be aware of...

Malware (not necessarily just viruses) can strike from anywhere. Web sites, email attachments, and chat pages can provide a path into your computer. Some malware may not find a pleasant home and cease to function while other malware may attach itself to your browser and 'hijack' your home page. This is immediately apparent to you. What may be not so apparent is that some forms of malware can stealthily load code into your computer that can cause havoc with your operating system or send false emails without you knowing. In some cases malware can report every keystroke you make back to the creator, thus compromising any security measures you may have for banking and other secure sites. It may even do nothing until you reboot or power up your computer in the morning. The question is definitely not IF you will get malware, but WHEN.

Some things to look for:

Steps you can take...

There are steps you can take yourself to battle malware before I need be involved. They are common-sense precautions that you hear all the time.

What I can help with...

If you feel as if you have reached the point at which your detection and elimination efforts are not producing results, then it is time to contact a professional. I strongly feel that at any point in any process there will come a 'too many trees in the forest' problem. What you need then is someone to 'look over your shoulder' and perhaps spot something you have missed. I have gathered quite a few tools in my operational toolkit to help you battle malware.

Nobody can promise to eliminate malware except in the case of a complete reformatting of your hard drive and reinstallation of the operating system. What I can do is apply alternative methods of detection and elimination you may not have thought of. Malware elimination is something that can take mere minutes, or extend into a very long and arduous process. I offer telephone support but this limits my participation to offering various alternatives to what you may have already tried. Failing that, after an agreement is reached for a modest fee, I can meet with you and bring along my arsenal of anti-malware tools.

Final touches

There are many more programs available. A detailed search of the Internet will find them. Be certain that your download source is a legitimate source.

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Here are some of the major anti-malware programs you can use. All suggestions are in no particular order. The latest versions and sites from which to download can be found with a simple search.