When is the last time you made sure that all the fans in your computer were functioning?  How about opening the case?  More importantly, do you feel qualified to open the case and clean without damaging components?

Maintaining your investment in a computer is, sadly, the last thing anyone thinks of. You are happily composing an email to a friend and suddenly your computer shuts down and refuses to restart; or, it restarts but slowly and with errors.

This could indicate that your computer is overheating.  Heat is perhaps the largest reason for computer failure.  Fans get clogged with dust and operate less efficiently.  Eventually they fail.

Or maybe you keep hearing a slight pinging sound that appears and disappears irregularly. Later, your system tells you that it cannot start some software because it is ‘damaged’ due to an incipient hard drive failure.

You want to watch a DVD and when you punch the drive door opening button it refuses to slide out.  Or worse, you have a DVD in the drive and cannot get it to open and release the disk.  What do you do then?


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How I can help…

Over the last few decades I have maintained many, many computers.  From room-filling monsters that consumed kilowatts of power to laptops, they all need maintenance from time to time.  The military calls it ‘programmed maintenance’, or ‘periodic maintenance’. It all adds up to removing the covers and visually inspecting, adjusting if necessary, and cleaning.

I can assist in setting up a periodic maintenance schedule for you.  I might not need to do it more than once if you watch me do it and continue by yourself with only an email from me suggesting it is time to tune your computer up again.  Another option would be to have me perform the maintenance for a small, hourly fee. Either way, you can be assured that your computer won’t fail to poor maintenance.

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