Not everyone needs custom programming.  Most of the time, a thorough search of the Internet will locate the particular type of program you may need.  It might exactly fill your requirements or maybe just some of them.  Once the initial doubts you may have that the program will either not run on your particular computer, or fill it with a Trojan or other malware, are satisfied, it may then become awkward to use. Eventually, you may even decide to uninstall it.

If all your efforts to locate an existing solution turn out unsatisfactory, then a custom designed and created program is what you may need.  Custom programs are, generally speaking, somewhat expensive.  The actual creation of the program is often the easiest part of the entire procedure.  What is difficult is the design and crafting of the program (or programs).  To do that properly, personal consultations are the best way to proceed in order to get the best results.

Custom Programming

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How I can help…

Over the years, I have conceived, designed, and programmed hundreds (perhaps thousands) of programs ranging from small, one-task programs to suites of interlocked programs to accomplish some greater task. My very first program, written in MBASIC on a Heathkit computer, balanced my checkbook.  I can’t comment on my military contributions, but among the largest civilian projects were the computer control of all the electrical aspects of a huge Molybdenum mine in Colorado, an entire operating room patient display and scheduling suite, and numerous airport gate, pilot, and passenger display systems.

The computer languages used ranged from simple BASIC, through Forth, Visual BASIC, C, C++, PLM and other languages. Most of these languages are still active and can be used on today’s computers although many of them have been upgraded with greater functionality.

During the planning conferences, the particular language will be selected and approved. Once the overall functionality is settled, crafting the program can begin. It will be a slow process, taking quite a few hours and, as I said, it is expensive.  But, what you will have afterwards is a hand-crafted program that fits your needs exactly.

I maintain my programs, correcting possible omissions from the original concept, working with you to smooth program flow, and correcting any bugs that will inevitably creep in. Yes, bugs will get into the program. It is virtually impossible to have bug-free software. I will maintain the program for 90-days following delivery as part of the original fee.  After that time, a maintenance contract (or one-time fee for each instance) may be necessary.

As the name implies: custom programming means just that. It may be expensive but sometimes it may be the only alternative to purchasing an even higher priced suite of software that has a huge amount of overhead in features you neither want nor need.

I can also act as a consultant, performing the searches myself for you and making my recommendations. This is an alternative to taking time out from your busy schedule to find what you need by yourself. This is an alternative you may want to consider.

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