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Welcome to Bill and Lorna's joint web site.

Please bear with us. We are under construction right now.

Everyone should have a friend who 'knows things about a computer'. If you need that type of friend, then click on the ISS logo and enter my web site to find out how I can help you.

I have been in the computer business for very nearly 50 years; having started in 1963 in the U. S. Navy as an operator/programmer. From there, I moved upwards, adding to my expertise by studying at places such as Digital Equipment Corporation and the Naval Research Laboratory. After I retired, I continued my education through programming, systems engineering, and technical support.

So - welcome aboard....

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If you enjoy seeing wonderfully crafted items made from polymer clay, then be click on the logo for Lorna's Clay and page through some photos of my creations. There are also a few 'how to' articles that you may like.

Polymer clay is not the only medium I work in. I do some wire jewelry as well as 'Bottles of Hope' and other theme-styled items.

Come on in and have some fun....

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